fredag 8 mars 2013

Kolla hit tjejer - Rapha Women's 100-utmaning (10 mil lör den 7 juli)

Hej hej. Bästa Rapha kommer här med en ny skojsig utmaning:

Från #womens100:s hemsida: "On Sunday 7th July 2013 join thousands of women around the world to ride 100km. The aim is to create a global event, with thousands of women taking to the road to complete a 100km journey. The 7th July is the date of the Etape du Tour, the amateur cyclist's chance to ride a major mountain stage of the 100th edition of the Tour de France. Rapha are sending 100 women to ride the sportive, which will form part of the day's festival of riding. The Rapha Women’s 100 is not a competition to see who is the fastest, it is about gathering a global community of women around the world to take part in this shared adventure.

In the build up to the 7th of July, we will feature tales from the women riding the 100 and chart their training, experiences and thoughts leading up to the big day. From seasoned racers to brand new roadies, the riders will discuss their cycling and the goal of riding 100km this summer.
How to get involved in the Rapha Women's 100:
  • Twitter » #womens100 
  • Facebook » Join the event page on Facebook to get talking about the Women's 100. 
  • Instagram » Use #womens100 and post your pictures to get involved. 
  • Strava » Sign up to the challenge on Strava. 
  • Email » Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to tell us you're going to join the Women's 100".
Kom igen tjejer, vilka är med? Här är länken till eventet. Finns inga ursäkter till att inte köra! 10 mil är ju liksom en standard söndagstur. Bara att lägga in i kalendern (samma dag som Vansbrosimningen förresten, enkelt att komma ihåg).

Bild snodd från #womens100:s hemsida

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